Meet your instructor…

Dennis Cappel is the Founder and Instructor of Cappel Farrier School. He is also an accomplished Competitor, Trainer, and life-long student of the Horse. He has surpassed 30 years of experience trimming and shoeing and is a member of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization ( ELPO). His techniques always focus on the benefit of the Horse. Being a competitive rider himself, knows what balance in the horse’s foot should feel like, and why it is so critical to the comfort and success of the horse. Dennis has utmost respect for tradition and proven methods, but a passionate drive to evaluate and incorporate new ideas that bring enlightenment to the field. His teaching assumes a personal, hands-on approach with specific areas of focus around mapping and providing the horse the highest level of comfort and efficiency in their shoeing. He is also committed to his course providing a springboard to student’s personal success in their shoeing endeavors.

Cappel Weekend Horse Shoeing Classes are held every quarter. This 3 day course includes trimming and shoeing. Visit for dates.

Horse Trimming Classes are help 2-3 times a year. This is for those who just want to learn to trim.
Visit for dates.

To learn more about Dennis Cappel Horse Training and Shoeing, visit