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 Equestrian Communication  Perfection

We are in great appreciation that you are here at this time because you are now ready to receive this information presented in these courses like you have never been before.  When the student is ready- the teacher appears.

These courses are designed for you and with you in mind. This is must have information when you are seeking the pure joy that comes from being a horse owner.

This easy to understand material is presented in a progression that is uniquely designed to give you information in a way that allows you to absorb and understand.  We believe you are capable and ready to achieve your success now!

This program will raise your awareness and produce within you the ability to develop and completely understand why you are doing what you are doing; this is essentially what we call timing and feel.

Course one: Essential Groundwork- Communication and relationship development at its finest.  Most important is course “one”, and it is required that you achieve one before going onto course two, Riding Skills. Course 3 and 4 are stand alone courses.

Course two: Riding Skills

Course three: Horse Trimming Made Simple

Course Four:  Clear Mental Picture.   This particular program will position you to get the most out of all of the courses.


Mental Preparation

Everything is connected to thoughts. This program will teach you how to use your thoughts to your advantage creating your success.


Still Pictures

Here you become the observer. Study and analyze the still pictures to help you develop your own mental image of what each task will be addressing.



This will help you to further develop your mental picture and will aid you in your personal application of each lesson.


Action Plan

Practice these lessons on your horse and send Dennis a picture through the closed FB group or by email  of your interpretation of your best effort at doing the task yourself.

Your Instructor


Dennis bring to you 30 plus years of his saddle wisdom from his performance proven titles. His most current is the 2017 top ten finalist at the EMM, Fort Worth TX, Players Choice. The 2016 Mustang Makeover Sedalia, MO Reserved Champion, 2016 Colt Starting Champion, IA Equine fair, 2015 Mustang Makeover St. Louis Champion and 2015 Heartland Horseman’s Challenge, ILL Horse Fair.

Dennis is the founder/instructor of Cappel Farrier Weekend Horseshoeing classes. His down to earth genuine cowboy style and manner will inspire you as he will engage your mind to think outside the box as you develop and sharpen your horsemanship skills.

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What they are saying about this course.

I am amazed at how little it took for me to see a change in my horse. This course rocks and has endless value.

Aleta Behlman

I have photographed some of these horsemen and women from the time they started the Cappel Agility program until they completed it and have been amazed at the difference in their confidence, control and connection with their horses. Time and time again, I could see the transformation before my eyes as a lesson would “click” and they would gain understanding,and the almost immediate improvement of their abilities with their horse.   Dennis & Cindy are masters at teaching horsemanship using systematic, progressive lessons, combing pictures, words and video, for people of all horse abilities to gain further understanding, coupled with how your thinking effects your results with your horse and everything in your life… LA
Student of Agility Claudia Rutherford,   2018 Champion of Supreme Horseman’s week and Cattle Halloween Challenge.
Student of Agility Sharon Phillips,2018 3 time Reserved Champion Country Tough Trail Versatility Green Horn Division Von Holten Ranch event  


Register at anytime and work at your own pace. This is your personal journey.


Once you have purchased the course it is yours and you will have access to this site that will stay up permanently.


We are here for you daily on a Private FB group and and cindy@cappelandcappel.comWe believe in you!


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